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What We Do


Iwata airbrushes set the standard by which all other airbrushes are measured. This is proved daily by the impressive roster of elite professionals throughout the world who prefer Iwata over any other brand.

What makes Iwata so special?

For starters, each Iwata airbrush is manufactured to exacting standards, carefully hand-assembled and meticulously tuned and individually tested for perfect spray characteristics. Each Custom Micron, Highline and High Performance Plus series airbrush contains a test spray pattern as a proving example that shows how well that specific airbrush sprayed during testing. Also, Iwata offers a five-year warranty on all Iwata airbrushes.

Iwata users expect long-lasting quality. They are assured of it by the quality of workmanship and the preference for high-grade metals and alloys chosen in their manufacture. Airbrush needles (made with a high-grade hardened stainless spring-steel) and precision nozzles (made from high-strength platinum alloy) ensure that the spray pattern quality will spray as if the airbrush was new each time.

Iwata professional airbrushes are unquestionably considered to be the finest airbrushes by the world’s top professionals. Our Micron Series is widely considered to be the finest airbrush in the world.

Iwata Studio Series compressors are the ultimate for both in-studio and out-of-studio work. They’re quiet, oil-less, dependable and extremely durable. And because of their power and price point, Iwata Studio Series compressors are absolutely the best value in the world.

Medea makes the perfect paint for your project with a color selection that can’t be matched. Noted for their free-flowing brilliance and their non-clogging nature, these colors are considered to be the finest and most versatile professional airbrush colors in the world. They provide superior atomization, smooth spraying, and then dry instantly.

Iwata Medea produces the accessories that let you paint like a pro. These tools fit our products perfectly so you can design the custom airbrushing setup for all your imaginative creations.

With dedication and commitment to the highest quality standards coupled with unsurpassed service and support, Iwata Medea continues its unwavering pursuit of providing the very best products to people who create.


Why are there no prices on your website?

Iwata Medea is the wholesale distributor of Iwata, Medea and Artool products in North and South America, and the UK, and does not sell directly to customers at this time. To purchase Iwata Medea or Artool products, please check our dealer pages for a reseller near you. Or call our customer service team at 503-253-7308 ext. 2000, and we’ll help you find a local reseller.