The Artool® Cutting Mats, with calibrated inch grid lines, are made from a 3-ply high-tech polymer material that is flexible, self-healing and extremely durable. If an Artool® Cutting Mat should become bent or distorted, simply heat it in sunlight or hot water until it becomes pliable and then lay the mat flat.


The Double-Colored Cutting Mats are non-glare and easy on the eyes. They are useable on both sides. The Translucent Cutting Mats are perfect for light tables. When these mats are not being used for cutting, they make a perfect surface for drawing, writing or general art use. Cutting Mats Gray/Black Double-Colored
FFCMA4/OG 8.5″x12″ / 22x30cm
FFCMA3/OG 12″x18″ / 30x45cm
FFCMA2/OG 18″x24″ / 45x60cm
FFCMA1/OG 24″x36″ / 60x90cm


FFCMA4/FT 8.5″x12″ / 22x30cm
FFCMA3/FT 12″x18″ / 30x45cm
FFCMA2/FT 18″x24″ / 45x60cm
FFCMA1/FT 24″x36″ / 60x90cm