killer grunge fx


The revolutionary Artool® Killer GrungeFX™ (FH GRFX) by Mike Lavallee is a Freehand® Airbrush Template in a can! Layout random organic patterns for creating some monster natural backgrounds at the press of your finger. Attach either the Fat Splat™ or Fine Splat™ tip (both tips come inside the GrungeFX™ can) and shake Artool® Killer GrungeFX™ to achieve a myriad of one-of-a-kind textures on your surface for airbrushing solvent-based paints. Turn your motorcycle, hot-rod or hobby project into a killer grunge creation instantly.


“Grunge FX is the kewlest effect. I use this on EVERYTHING!!!” – Mike Lavallee

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By Mike Lavallee