When we started to make the original stencils in the Artool® lineup smaller for, well… smaller jobs, the prospect came up that we should design a specific series for the smallest projects out there, namely the RC car market, 1/8 – 1/25 scale models and diecast kustoms. At the size of a business card, the Artool® Nano Series Freehand® Airbrush Templates can be used to easily render images on the smallest projects, including the complete side graphics on your car – as long as your car is only a few inches long!

Mike Lavallee is setting the kustom paint world on fire with his TRUE FIRE® effects. Mike has created and perfected the technique for rendering dramatic realistic interpretations of actual fire burning down the surface of motorcycles, automobiles, boats, aircraft and even small models. The easy-to-follow how-to clips on the front of the package helps you ignite your own fire!! Use the same techniques as Mike’s larger True Fire® Templates – just think Nano!!!