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Here are the how-to and instructional VHS videos by renowned airbrushers like Craig Fraser, Pamela Shanteau and Richard Sturdevant that teach you the expert strategies and secret tips to make your creative work look exceptional.

Automotive Airbrush Cheap Tricks & Special Effects with Craig Fraser

There’s a whole lotta auto sprayin’ goin’ on. And automotive master Craig Fraser teaches all the top pro tricks to help you get the job done quicker, easier and more efficiently.


You’ll learn about:
· Working on metal surfaces
· How to use a pinstriping brush
· Slash striping
· Palletting the brush
· Use of lacquer thinner
· Discussion of drying times
· Working with blue fine-line tape
· Working with negative and positive space
· Flame layout
· Discussion of the variety of flames
· Use of precleaner
· Prepping the surface
· Proper use of the Scotch-Brite pad
· Airbrushing a motorcycle tank
· Use of Skullmaster stencils
· Masking techniques
· Granite effect
· Using wax & grease remover on your artwork
· Highlighting techniques
· Freehand airbrush techniques
· How to avoid overspray
· Blowout technique of airbrushing
· Working with a variety of tapes
· Streaking the paint
· Discussion of respirator masks, health & safety
· Wood grain texture
· Discussion of binders, reducers and solvents
· Working with Kandy colors
· Paint mixing techniques
· Products to use

VHS – Running time 115 minutes

More Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X with Craig Fraser

The hot sequel to Craig Fraser’s original Automotive Tricks & Special F/X, this is the companion video to his hugely successful book of the same title. Craig demonstrates in this instructional video four top-selling designs in a clearly presented step-by-step format.


You’ll learn
· Automotive urethanes
· Kandy Koncentrates
· Flakes
· Dry pearls
· Base coats and clear coats
· Surface prep
· The metal effect & how to create: Rust, Pock marks, Rivets, Streaks, Gradations, Indentations · Shadows
· Mixing colors
· Masking techniques
· Use of reducer
· Use of X-Acto knives
· Troubleshooting, including: Eliminating overspray, Correcting overspray, Correcting general mistakes, Moisture prevention, Avoiding flashing, Avoiding adhesive marks on projects · Use of circle templates
· Registration of circle templates
· Registration of stencils
· Fogging
· Highlighting
· Freehand shields
· Furls in a design
· Use of transfer tape for masking
· Achieving depth in your images
· The correct way to remove tape
· Highlighting with an X-acto knife
· Diamond plate effect
· Computer-cut masking
· Torn metal effect
· Warped metal effect
· Vinyl “weeding”
· Drop shadows
· Use of transparent
· Brain effect
· Stipple technique
· Using pre-cleaner
· Troubleshooting
· Marble/malachite stone

VHS – Running time 83 minutes

Radical Helmet Graphix
First in the series of Craig Fraser’s “Kustom Painting Tricks” In this video, Craig demonstrates the latest trick graphics used in Kustom helmet painting today. From masking techniques to stencils and freehand airbrushing, Craig incorporates these all into a seamless design that encompasses the look that today’s off-road, street bike and racing clients are looking for. Keep your helmet skills on the leading edge with this money-making addition to your kustom video arsenal. A must for all kustom painters beginning or advanced.

“Paint to live, live to paint!”
-Craig Fraser

Craig Fraser has been involved in airbrushing for nearly two decades. The owner of Air Syndicate, Craig has been the in-house airbrusher/designer for Kal Koncepts since 1992. A published author of numerous kustom paint articles, tech videos and advice columns, he also wrote the best selling kustom paint book, “Cheap tricks & Special Effects”. When Craig is not traveling the country teaching workshops for ASET/Iwata, he can be found at his shop in Bakersfield, California.

Mastering Skull Master with Craig Fraser

Craig Fraser shares his top pro tricks using Artool’s Skullmaster stencil Series, the most advanced and brilliant skull design system available. Developed by Craig, Skullmaster Is perfect for use in automotive applications, T-shirts, tattoos and much more. This video instruction reveals how to “unlock” Skullmaster’s full range for rendering professional and complex-looking designs. This sophisticated, easy and efficient approach will save you countless hours of time and lead to bigger income for those doing it professionally.


You’ll learn about:
· The Screaming Stencil
· The Frontal
· The Multiple
· The Menagerie
· The Day & Night
· Devil or Angel
· Bones
· Masking the stencils
· Holding the stencils in place
· Why not to use spray adhesive
· Working with negative and positive stencils
· Halo outline
· Correcting mistakes
· Preventing overspray
· Highlighting
· Freehand airbrushing
· Positive and negative image system
· Solvent-resistant stencils
· Smoke
· Starbursts
· Fogging
· Head spikes
· Flaming devil skull
· Maltese crosses

VHS – Running time 57 minutes

Helmet Cheap Tricks & Special Effects

Airbrush Action Magazine is proud to present this fully revealing and incredible new video on helmet airbrushing and pin-striping featuring “kar-kustom” sensation Craig Fraser. Author of the book Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X, Mr. Fraser takes you step-by-step through the painting of two hot-selling helmet designs using freehand, masking and loose-shield techniques.

You’ll learn about:
· The Screaming Stencil
· Automotive urethanes
· House of Kolor system of base coats and clear coats
· Surface prep, including scuffing with a Scotch-Brite pad
· Masking off the helmet
· Removing fingerprints and other marks
· Laying out graphics on a helmet
· Use of blue fine-line “cheap tricks”
· Tribal flame pattern
· “Devil tongues”
· Discussion of negative and positive space
· Working with a lazy susan
· Importance of reference points on a helmet
· Excellent reference sources
· Use of pre-cleaner
· Painting a visor
· Using adhesion promoter
· Proper air pressures
· Applying top coat
· Working with the Iwata RG-2 Spraygun
· Mixing ratios of urethane paints
· Sketching with an airbrush
· Creating a sense of depth
· Using medium reducer
· Using adhesive vinyl
· Using metallic points
· Safety precautions
· Using opaques and transparents
· When not to use fine-line tape
· How to pin-stripe, including: Paletting the brush, Pulling long, straight lines; Paint consistency, Slash striping, Pulling the brush Pushing the brush, Urethane striping paint, Using temperature reducers, Drying times · AND MORE!

VHS – Running time 58 minutes