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Airbrush Body-Art


Only the Attitude is Permanent


Add additional income from your existing clientele without increasing your time in the salon.
Achieve professional results with high profits the fun, safe and easy way!
Select Body-Art Colors and Body-Art Stencils.
The, airbrush colors through the stencils on different body parts.
Blend colors, overlap designs, be daring or discreet.
Lasts for days! Easily applied and removed.

Application Basics:

1. Select Body-Art Colors and Body-Art Stencils.

2. Clean the skin thoroughly with 70% Isopropyl alcohol.

3. Remove the backing sheet from the stencil and apply it onto the cleaned body area.

4. Using your Iwata Eclipse B airbrush, apply colors to your design.
Overlap colors or designs – be daring or discreet.

5. Finish with Medea Setting Powder for long lasting wearability from 2 – 5 days.

Caring for Body-Art:

1. Following these steps will prolong the life of your Body-Art or Temporary Tattoo.

2. Use Medea Setting Powder before bedtime and the first thing in the morning. Also, apply powders before and after showers. Powder…powder…powder whenever possible.

3. Avoid contacting painted area with oils, lotions, or conditioners. Also avoid using soaps or oils on or near painted area.

4. When washing hair, rinse away from painted area so that shampoo or conditioner won’t cascade over the design.

5. Provide Medea “Taking care of your Body-Art cards” to your customers.

Charging Your Customers:

1. Typically a Body-Art Technician can charge between $5 and $10 for a one-color design depending on its size. The larger the design the more you can charge.

2. When applying additional colors after the first color, you can charge an extra $2 to $4 per color depending on the design.

3. For example, $8 for a one color black Barbwire armband + $2 for red tips on the edges = $10, in less than a minute.

4. After 3 days, retouching existing work at $1 per color..

5. Coats will vary depending on clientele, size of design and amount of colors.

6. Set pricing according to your marketplace.

Selling Body-Art Services:

1. Advertise your service in the salon with signs and Medea Body-Art Poster.

2. Have personnel in the salon wear Body-Art at work.

3. Give your clients a free design or a special discount on their first Body-Art Design to get them started.

4. Provide a card with a buy 12 get one free offer.

5. Have existing clients schedule a retouch appointment.

6. Offer Body-Art services at your clients’ parties.


Why are there no prices on your website?

Iwata Medea is the wholesale distributor of Iwata, Medea and Artool products in North and South America, and the UK, and does not sell directly to customers at this time. However if you are interested in our suggested retail prices, click here to go to the support page where you can find our suggested retail price lists available for download. To purchase Iwata Medea or Artool products, please check our dealer pages for a reseller near you. Or call our customer service team at 503-253-7308 ext. 2000, and we’ll help you find a local reseller.