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Com-Art Creature Paint Kit




Com-Art Real Deal Weathering Kit Contains:
• Ten (10) 1oz. bottles of Com-Art Colours
• Creature Paint Kit Tips and Techniques by Steve Riojas
Here are a few things that are important to follow while using the Com-Art Creature Paint Kit created by Steve Riojas.

Tips and Techniques by Steve Riojas

Shake Well

These creature colors are comprised of many diff erent pigments, some heavier than others. The pigments may separate into layers in the bottle while sitting so be sure to shake the bottle well before using and periodically while using. You may want to use a soft paint brush to stir the paint from the sides and bottom of the bottle.


These colors are designed to be intermixed to create intermediate hues allowing you to have colors that are as unique as your creatures. Experiment and play with mixing and blending the colours.


Apply your paint using numerous light layers of color. This will allow you to achieve a greater depth of color and help you to avoid applying too much paint. Applying layers of diff erent colors also allows you to achieve the most realistic appearance to your creature.


This set of creature paints is designed for the monster/fantasy fan to help them achieve otherworldly, undead and just plain creepy, skin and body effects. The different flesh colors are meant to be a starting point. The mixing and matching of any or all of the colors is limited only to your imagination!
To paint a classic horror character such as Frankenstein’s monster, you can begin with a base coat of Green Flesh. Then, using a small mixing cup or even your Iwata airbrush cup, add a few drops of Flesh and a couple of Bone White to lighten the original green color and spray on as highlights. To shade, you can either mix Brown/Black into the original green or Stone Gray for a more subtle approach. Redness around eyes and scars are easily achieved with Inner Mouth Flesh which, by the way is perfect for, you guessed it, the inner mouth! These monsters always seem to have bulging veins and Vein Blue/ Green is the color straight out of the bottle for the most striking look or mix with various flesh colors for an “under the skin” effect.


This same technique works easily with Purple Flesh as a beginning point and, if your painting a normal human skin tone just start with Flesh and use Inner Mouth Flesh for a very natural reddening around the nose, ears, and cheeks. Flesh mixed with Vein Blue/Green is next followed by the deepest shadows which can be achieved by a very light spray of Brown/Black.


Dinosaurs and other amazing creatures can be realized with this paint set as well. Raw Umber is a basic base color for most reptilians. Olive Green sprayed heavily on the back and lightened as you come down the sides is a classic look. Mixtures with Stone Gray and Brown/Black or any of the other colors for that matter will only add to the fun.


Teeth, bone, and horns can be achieved with a simple 1, 2, 3, of Bone White followed by a light shading of Raw Umber from the base of the tooth, horn, or crevasse of bone easing as you reach the tip, followed again by Brown/Black. Spray from the very base of the tooth, horn, etc., and fade up to create a worn effect.

Of course these creature colors can be enhanced by the great selection of Com-Art Paints already available. Adding any of the red shades to Olive Green, for instance will create a multitude of shades and hues in that color range alone. I formulated these colors to help begin the journey into fantasy, horror and monster painting. The rest, if you decide to venture there, is up to you!



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