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Fine Art & Automotive Profile: Piers Dowell




Piers Dowell was born in 1969 and showed a very keen interest in art from an early age. As a way of connecting art to his other passion of motorcycles he started custom painting in 1992.

He started, as most custom painters did, by just doing a few crash helmets for friends. This didn’t take long to turn into a steady stream and now he’s probably painted in excess of 2000. While he does ocasionally paint the odd crash helmet, he now concentrates mainly on Custom motorcycles, guitars and various collectible items. It quickly became apparent that Piers’ ability to paint, with an airbrush, very realistic murals was going to be a trademark of his work. This is something at which he is simply world class. He has moved from the old barn in which he worked for 15 years, not to mention half froze himself to death to a purpose built facility at his home in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire England. It’s probably the best workshop of it’s kind in the country and contains purpose built office, sanding rooms, office and low bake oven. Some time ago Piers adopted the attitude that it takes as long as it takes to do the job as well as it can be done and it’s priced according to that philosophy. He works alone and so is in control of all aspects especially quality.

Piers lives with his wife Diann and his daughter, Phoebe, born in 2004.

Murals on Non Porous surfaces: Custom paintwork


Photo realistic renderings on non porous surfaces like Motorcycle tanks, Guitars even Propeller blades are a trademark of my work. It’s taken many years, through trial and error, to not only perfect technique but also to find materials and equipment capable of producing result I’m trying to achieve.

I’ve used COM-Art now for a number of years and it’s consistency, product range and ease of use make it ideal for the work I do. It very rarely needs reducing and the opaque colours are without doubt the best clog free acrylic I have used. Also because of the very small amount of build the urethane clears I use still adhere very well over the top.


All my detail work is done using a Micron CM-B which I have had for about 10 years now. It will never be replaced. I’ve also recently acquired a Custom TH for larger areas but it’s amazing how versatile the Micron is. This equipment is all run from a big 14 CFM compressor which runs the whole shop and the pressure is regulated at the start of the airbrush air line and also with a MAC valve screwed to the Micron, no more crimping the line.



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