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Make-Up Special FX Profile: Erik Gosselin



Erik Gosselin


I am an art professionnal, specifically a ‘make-up effects’ designer and artist for the televison/ movie business; owner/ founder of Lifemaker Make-Up Effets inc., in Montreal, Quebec.
This specific job, which has been more of a calling for me after spending my college years in the science field, has enabled me to learn/ develop/ use a wide variety of art skills for more than 25 years.

My entertainment contracts experience with all its deadlines and specific requirements, gives me a unique ability to think ‘outside-the-box’, in the art process. Some of my artistc knowledge (technical as well as aesthetical) includes

  • design (Photoshop, sketching)
  • sculpting (clays, 3D maquettes)
  • moldmaking (every kind, every material)
  • prosthetic make-up application
  • and of course, airbrushing…with IWATAs!
  • why an airbrush…
    Pretty early in my career, I realized the best way to achieve the blends, details, tranpsarent overlays and all around magic I wanted to do on my props/ monsters/ maquettes and make-ups was the airbrush.
    It’s the perfect tool for my small resin pieces, full-size fake bodies, or facial prosthetics on an actor. Versatility and control.

    Quite proud of the awards and recognitions gotten since my beginnings, including a ‘Hollywood Guild Award 2002’, a ‘Gemini nomination 2011’ and a ‘Canadian Screen Award 2013’ in the make-up field, and more than 30x ‘Best-Of’s and ‘Gold’s in the resin kits field, I am still going after more this year…

    my favorites from IWATA, used on most of my projects…

  • the Power Jet Pro compressor; compact, very little noise, double air attachment.
  • the IWATA HP-B airbrush; one word…details.
  • the IWATA HP-CS ECLIPSE airbrush; flexibility of uses.
  • and the ComArt paints; perfect viscosity, ready-to-use, great color choices.
  • * ‘Billy Bob’ head from Wonderfest

    erik-gosselin-IMG_7301 copy

    * ‘Queen Alien’ maquette from Wondefest


    * the 2-meter wide ‘ball-of-eyes’

    erik-gosselin-IMG_5513 copy 2

    * 2x radio-controlled silicone babies


    * Foam chest prosthetic for Being Human


    * me touching up an actor


    * me painting with my IWATA



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