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How-To: Lesson Three: Walleye, Part 2


Lesson Three: Walleye Part 2

by Mike Bromelow


Next we will add even more details to the lures already pretty lifelike appearance. What I try to do when I’m about to do a baitfish paint job is to identify key anatomical features that make each bait fish instantly identifiable. In the case of Walleye, one of them is a White tip on the tail that really stands out when you see them in the water. Using opaque White, spray a patch onto the tail end of your lure. It’s looking more and more like the real thing with every additional step.


We still need fins to bring the lure to life though, so we need to make a stencil. I like to use mylar because it is clear enough to see through for positioning and it is very durable. Use some reference photos of the real fish to give you the correct size, shape and location of these fins. Cut out the fins using a sharp pointed craft knife or a stencil burner. While holding the stencil against the lure in the right position, spray some Transparent Yellow through the cut out hole.

Let the paint dry for a few moments before turning the lure over and repeating the process on the opposite side.


Once dry, add the spines to the fins with a soft lead pencil.

I usually only add the pectoral fins as they help draw attention to the head of the lure which is where most predatory fish aim when attacking. In the final lesson, I will show how to render even more details to fins but for now you have a nice basic pair of fins which adds yet another level of realism.

Another detail we can add in now is some red along the opening of the gills we did previously. This can be done either using a fine paintbrush with acrylic paint or by using the airbrush.


The last step in this lesson is to detail some teeth into the mouth. Spray Opaque Black in the space between the upper and lower jaw if you haven’t already done so at this stage. A freehand template does a great job of masking the overspray.

I use a tooth pick and some White paint to render a few teeth. Now it’s really looking more and more like a real fish!



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