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how to: Iwata Kustom HP-TH (fan spray)


By Paul Stryton

My Iwata Kustom HP-TH arrived and I discovered that the airbrush was nestled all snuggly in a bed of foam and aluminum. After opening it, I removed it from its bed, screwed on the included moisture trap, screwed on my Iwata quick disconnect, hooked it up to the air line, added some paint and off I went. Right out of the box, this airbrush was pure fun to use.


Just pour in some paint and start spraying imagination. I had a few projects that I was working on and it didn’t skip a beat. It handled automotive paint like a champ and with a quick clean out, I was able to change colors and get right back to spraying. I shot several 1/25 car bodies in no time and went searching for more things to paint with it. It was hungry for paint and I was eager to feed it. I was having fun…with a smile from ear to ear (at least what was sticking out of my respirator).


This airbrush would be at home in the workshops of all airbrush artists. From laying out candy patterns on a motorcycle tank to a scale replica of the 1st car you owned, it will allow the operator (with a little practice) to start feeling more confident about his/her painting. It will help you lay out coats of paint more evenly with less passes, using less material and saving time. It is like having a full size HVLP spray gun in the form and size of an airbrush. When you are spraying candy/transparent colors with a regular airbrush, you run the risk of tiger striping the paint. With the TH and its wide fan pattern, tiger striping should be a thing of the past. The TH also comes with a “round tip”; with a quick change of the tip you can use like a standard airbrush…almost like having two different airbrushes. I’ve found many uses for the TH and am continually finding more things to use it for. It has almost replaced my HVLP jamb gun for small painting jobs.


I believe that the TH would be an excellent addition to anyone’s arsenal of airbrushes. It is a true work horse and will help you spray like a pro. The comfortable and convenient trigger helps reduce typical airbrush “finger fatigue”. I believe that Iwata hit a homerun when they released the TH to the world.



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