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Iwata HP-BCS air brush and Smart Jet plus Compressor


As an artist, I demand the best tools for both myself and my clients. Here at THE THIRD MODELS, I stand behind every model and Prop build I do for myself and my clients. Just when I thought things were great…they just got better!! When Tom Grossman from TAG Team Hobbies suggested it might be time to upgrade my Air-Brush, I jumped at the chance! I acquired an Eclipse HP-BCS Air Brush and an IWATA Smart Jet Plus compressor. The Best combination!


Without out a doubt a Reliable Air-Brush is an essential tool for an artist. I place a high demand on myself and my work to exceed my client’s and my own expectation’s. For my builds I demand the perfect finish to My models and Props. When doing a build I research the subject matter at hand to deliver the best representation of the Ship, Prop, Figure etc… Having my new IWAT set up helps me to go beyond that! The super smooth finish I get with relative ease of handling is another way of adding more excitement to my projects.


This C57-D from Polar Lights received the IWATA Treatment!!  Silvers are tough to get a smooth glass like appearance, not so with my IWATA Eclipse air brush and Smart Jet Plus compressor!  A current build up for a client, a 1/48 Proteus, I was able to super detail the interior of the model after carful mixing of paints to get the best colors to represent what the real prop looked like…




I take a lot of pride in my work, and It can be seen in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeler Volume 24 and Volume 28,On the back and on the instructions for the Mobius Models drop in Lighting kit, As well as Fine scale Modeler and Hobby Merchandiser Magazine. My Clients expect the BEST in all their builds, and I am happy and excited to say using my New IWATA Air Brush and Compressor Not only helps me achieve this Goal, but actually exceed it! During a recent 1/350 Original series U.S.S. Enterprise build, I custom mixed my paints to reflect my research on the actual production version of the actual miniature as it appeared in 1966. Using my New IWATA Eclipse Air Brush, I painstakingly went over the entire model and adjusted the coloring. How? By mixed colors of the base color lightened and or darkened as needed. I was also able to weather the model to scale, to provide a realistic look for its size, Thanks to IWATA, I think I succeeded!!!


As an Artist who demands the very best from his equipment, IWATA delivers! It’s putting my work over the top and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t thank Tom Grossman and TAG Team Hobbies enough for this opportunity. I have even pulled out some of my older builds to freshen them up with my IWATA combo pack! The added weathering on this Road Warrior car was achieved by using my new air brush and compressor!



Thanks IWATA!!

Mark Myers




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Iwata Medea is the wholesale distributor of Iwata, Medea and Artool products in North and South America, and the UK, and does not sell directly to customers at this time. To purchase Iwata Medea or Artool products, please check our dealer pages for a reseller near you. Or call our customer service team at 503-253-7308 ext. 2000, and we’ll help you find a local reseller.