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Resin Figure

An avid resin-kit builder and a contributing writer to several hobby publications, Tom Grossman frequently uses the Eclipse CS powered by a Smart Jet Pro compressor. For detail work, he prefers the HP-B Plus. Gravity-feed airbrushes allows for excellent detailing and quick cleaning with both airbrushes. The HP-B Plus allows for detailing with modestly heavy pigments. The HP-CS allows for lighter detailing and large background coverage.

The continued popularity of plastic and resin model kits has created a need for new advances in airbrush technology. No more slapping on paint with a brush. Realism is the goal and an airbrushed finish is the answer. Master model makers find that they prefer the finest details and often use the CM-C and even the HP-B Plus in their work. Subtle shading and weathering are common uses for these two airbrushes, especially when powered by the Smart Jet with an In-Line MAC Valve or a Smart Jet Pro compressor. Advanced users may want the flexibility of a Power Jet compressor in their studios.

Scale models come in polystyrene, resin, vinyl and/or metal. They also come in all sizes and subjects, each having so much to offer. The finest finishes are best accomplished with the help of a good, reliable airbrush. The Iwata line has a great airbrush for every modeling need, skill level and budget.

Iwata products work well with a variety of mediums. I like acrylics for their user and environmentally friendly chemistry. Com-Art transparent and opaque paints are great for effects and shading like weathering and flesh tones. The new Weathering and Scenery Sets bring realism into the mix. The Flesh Tone Set makes it easy to create a variety of skin colors reliably and vibrantly. Iwata airbrushes deliver the same great performance with enamels and lacquers, too. I’m a fan of Alclad Laquers for creating bare metal finishes. I like the quick clean-up possible with gravity-feed designs and the small amount of paint that can be used.

After all, it’s not the paint job, it’s the touch up that makes a finished kit come to life.
The affordable Revolution CR fits the bill for basecoats, simple schemes and basic stencil work. An Eclipse HP-CS is my choice for most other modeling applications because of its greater control and versatility. When it’s time for some fine detail, crisper lines without masking and work with smaller scale subjects, I use an HP-B Plus.”

– Tom Grossman


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