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image“Things Worth Keeping”
26″ x 32″
Gouache on museum board

Gouache is an opaque watercolor and can be used in conjunction with transparent watercolors. The airbrush enables the artist to lay washes over the gouache with transparent watercolors without disturbing the gouache.

The airbrush enables artists to achieve effects that are impossible with a regular brush. Gouache painted objects can be made to appear more 3-D when it is used with the airbrush. The airbrush is a tool, not a magic wand, but it extends the possibilities an artist can get with gouache.

Daniel Tennant won the American Artist Magazine’s “Airbrush Teacher of the Year” award in 1994. He has also won two New York State art grants and was a full scholarship art student at Syracuse University where he majored in painting.

He is a sharp focus realist and has been influenced by Photorealists, Dutch still-life painters and some Regionalists. He has been using gouache since 1979.

His new and improved book on gouache will be released in Feburary 2010 and published by Walter Foster. It can be ordered on Amazon.

“I’ve used Iwata airbrushes for more than 20 years. They are the best I’ve found.”
–Daniel Tennant






Testimonial of Daniel K. Tennant

The year of 1979 was a pivotal year in my life as an artist. I discovered gouache (opaque watercolor) and have used them ever since as my sole medium. 1984 was almost as monumental. That was the year I started to use an airbrush with gouache. (Gouache is a notoriously difficult medium to use in some ways. It dries fast and does not allow one the luxury of soft blending like oils. However, with the airbrush, I am able to achieve that look. I can lay down layers of this opaque paint and achieve effects I am unable to with a paint brush alone. I am also able to place transparent layers of watercolor over the gouache without disturbing the under layers of gouache. My paintings have become more realistic, clean and visually powerful).

At the beginning of my use of the airbrush I was baffled by the more than one hundred different models to choose from. Not being trained in airbrushing techniques at all, I ordered the wrong kind of airbrush and stumbled and floundered for a few years trying to fine tune what I really needed. After reading about airbrushing and going to a few art materials conventions, one airbrush company stood head and shoulders above the rest – MEDEA. I had been looking for an airbrush that was dependable, top of the line quality and could give consistently excellent results each time I used it. The IWATA line of airbrushes more than met these demands.

These days I am using the IWATA Top Line and Custom Micron B series airbrushes. I am left handed so I prefer the top feed models. The Custom Micron B has the finest spray capabilities of any of the IWATA airbrushes. Every IWATA airbrush is perfectly balanced and produces a consistent spray. The company’s technical service and repair department are quick and efficient and extremely helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend any of their products. I am 100% satisfied with their line of airbrushes.


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