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FAQs – Airbrush Technique


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I operate an airbrush?
A: Operating an airbrush depends on the trigger mechanism.

* Single Action: Depressing the trigger starts the air. Control the amount of fluid being released by adjusting the fluid adjustment knob open or closed.
* Double Action: Depressing the trigger starts the air. Control the amount of fluid being released by moving the trigger backward for more fluid and forward for less. Note: You need air to make the airbrush spray the fluid – hold down the trigger while manipulating it back and forth.
* Trigger Action: Pulling back on the trigger starts the air. Pulling further back controls the amount of fluid being sprayed. This system is used on spray guns.

Q: Are there instructional books and videotapes available on the airbrush and spraying techniques?
A: There are many books on airbrush technique, particularly those that discuss basics, as well as an assortment of videotapes and DVDs. Iwata-Medea offers a full array of instructional videos, DVDs and books. Check your local art materials supply store for availability. A basic introductory course in airbrush technique is online at www.airbrushtalk.com.

Q: When is it appropriate for me to use an airbrush in my own work?
A: Anytime, but particularly when you want to achieve a soft look with no visible brush strokes. It can be used in conjunction with other media as well. Airbrushes make a nice addition to watercolor, acrylics, pastels, etc.

Q: Can I control the amount of air to the airbrush using the trigger?
A: You shouldn’t. The proper method of controlling the amount of air to the airbrush is to use a pressure regulator. A lot of people with in-house air systems will hook a regulator up to the bottom of their airbrush or spray gun and control the pressure from there. Airbrush users also tend to like having a pressure regulator near where they work (MAC Valves on Custom Microns and Hi Line brushes serve this purpose too).

Q: I don’t see my question listed here? What do I do now?
A: You can e-mail your question to us at info@iwata-medea.com.


Why are there no prices on your website?

Iwata Medea is the wholesale distributor of Iwata, Medea and Artool products in North and South America, and the UK, and does not sell directly to customers at this time. To purchase Iwata Medea or Artool products, please check our dealer pages for a reseller near you. Or call our customer service team at 503-253-7308 ext. 2000, and we’ll help you find a local reseller.